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    The Above Ground Railroad Podcast A freedom-focused personal development podcast

    Meet C. S. Hughes

    Excavator of Human Potential

    C.S. Hughes is one of the most talented and passionate personal development trainers of our time. He is a highly acclaimed author of 8 books and audio programs, and a world-class speaker, who has conducted more than 1,000 professional speeches, seminars, workshops and tele-trainings in front audiences ranging in numbers from 15 to 15,000. He is the creator of the One Minute Mentoring Program™, and is the Founder of Personal Growth Academy™ and NewEconomyU™, two premier, net-based personal and professional development coaching programs. More importantly, he has been instrumental in helping tens of thousands of people, all around the world, move into long-term consistent action, many of whom have become top producers within their prospective companies.

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    C.S. Hughes