C.S. Hughes is the CEO of C.S. Hughes International, a personal and professional development company specializing in helping individuals and organizations enjoy higher levels of success.

    C.S. Hughes is a highly acclaimed author and international speaker who has conducted more than 1,000 professional speeches, workshops and seminars all around the world. He has trained more 300,000 people worldwide with audiences in number from 15 to 15,000.

    He speaks on the subjects of leadership, success, mindset, creating wealth, sales, self-esteem, goals, network marketing, law of attraction, motivation and personal development.

    Prior to starting C.S. Hughes International, C.S. founded a sales and marketing organization which he grew from zero to nearly 40,000 distributers all across North America

    He is the creator of the One Minute Mentoring Program™, and is the Founder of Personal Growth Academy™ and NewEconomyU™, two premier, net-based personal and professional development coaching programs. More importantly, he has been instrumental in helping tens of thousands of people, all around the world, move into long-term consistent action, many of whom have become top producers within their prospective companies.

    What Others Are Saying About C.S. Hughes….

    “C.S. Hughes is one of the greats… one of the Avatars… one of the bright stars to emerge in this generation. My association with him has enriched my life in many ways.” – Andrea Gregg

    “I am a 50 year old Chief Executive of a publicly held technology company. I just finished a weekend of personal development training with C.S. Hughes, and all I can say is WOW! He possesses that rare yet beautiful blend of knowledge, insight, humor and communication, all honed to a fine skill by the real life trials he has had to endure. If you really, truly want your life to change, C.S. Hughes will help you. You will walk away from your time with him transformed.”  – Ken Hoofard, Jr.

    “Before Mr. Hughes showed me the key to success in business and in life, I was incarcerated in my own mind, and didn’t even know it. His teachings have allowed me to free myself. I am astounded by the massive growth I have enjoyed in such a short time of studying his material. C.S. Hughes is the modern day Jim Rohn!” – Steve Hogg

    “Mr. C.S. Hughes’ mentoring, training, and general leadership, compounded with my life experience, has accelerated my personal growth and development in different ways and in different areas than I ever thought I needed. This mans work is incredible. – Michael P.

    “I have started to view things in a much different way as a result of your teachings.” -Terry Dyke

    “I cant get enough of the life training of the AMAZING C.S. Hughes.” – Chris West

    “C.S. Hughes is one of the most dynamic, inspiring and entertaining trainers/presenters I have ever heard. His perspective on life, which from a difficult childhood filled with struggles, mixed with his experiences of building a highly successful million-dollar business, has inspired me to strive for excellence in my own life. Anyone who learns from him will come away with a real sense of self-worth, a feeling of unlimited potential.” – Deanne Foster

    “Mr. Hughes, I want to thank you for your insight into personal development and the value it has in our lives. My favorite quote of yours is, ‘Do not be deceived by what is. What is – is just a trick to keep you from what could be! If you focus on what is – you will get more of what is!’ I read this multiple times a day and it helps me to focus on all the positive things in my life and all that I desire for myself and my family. Your teachings have allowed me to build a successful business part-time to take care of my family while still being a full-time mom of three children.” – Bobejo Kelle.

    “C.S. Hughes is a mentor of mentors. When I met him I was a driven individual bent on working my way to the top, but soon learned hard work alone is not the key. Mr. Hughes’s teachings have allowed me to reboot my mind and as a result I have reached the top level of my company. How do you put into words the effect of a person whose training not only epitomizes the coaching greats, but whose life is a representation of the very philosophy he teaches.” – Mak Aguebor