NEU is a web-based personal development coaching program designed to help people retool themselves for success in the NewEconomy. The course was developed by C.S. Hughes, who used these principles to go from living in poverty for nearly a decade to becoming a self-made millionaire. He is also the author of 3 books and audio programs and dozens of published articles on the topics of success and achievement.

    Each week for the 6-week duration of the program, a new course is released and made available in the NEU Student Portal. Each course includes 8-12 training modules delivered via video and mp3, with pdf assignments which can be printed out and completed.

    All NEU students will gain life time access to the information, as well as any improvements and enhancements made over time. Visit NewEconomyU >>




    Personal Growth Academy (PGA) is the most comprehensive, net-based coaching program available anywhere in it’s price range. [Currently, we are not taking new clients for PGA.] Visit Personal Growth Academy >>