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3 Simple Questions To Transform Your Life

I had a powerful experience this week. It came to me in a series of 3 questions, so thought provoking and transformative, I just had to share it with you. Below are the questions that came to me, in the order in which they came. 1. What is ONE THING that you could be and

How to make your future better than your past

All of us want our future to be better than the past. Expansion, fuller expression, multiplication, procreation, growth and progression are all hard-wired into our DNA. If we are not growing each and every year, forever, we are not fulfilling the measure of our creation and, are in fact at odds with our divine nature.

75 Minutes With My Mentor

Just had a mind-blowing 75-minute conversation with my good friend and mentor, William E. Bailey. 82 years old and living the good life. He built a company from 0 – $60,000,000 a month in 12 years. We talked about history, Genghis Kong, Afghanistan, politics, the gun control debate, success, goal setting, focus and even quantum

Napoleon Dynamite Vacation

My family and I went to Preston, ID this past weekend to look at home we are considering buying. Knowing that Preston is where the movie Napoleon Dynamite was filmed, we wanted to find some of the places that were in the movie and go there to take pictures. So we Googled “where does Napoleon